The 2019 European funds program is really very interesting. If you need a certain amount to carry out a project , the best solution is the one represented by the structural funding for young people .

Let’s see what are the calls to which you can participate to have access to the funds allocated by the European Union for this 2019 .

Let’s find out what are the requirements to receive the desired amount and how to submit the request for the various calls.


European funds 2019: open calls for non-repayable loans

European funds 2019: open calls for non-repayable loans

Funding without doubt is without doubt the best opportunity for all those who have an innovative idea in mind, but who do not have the amount of money necessary to carry out their project. The characteristic that differentiates this product from classic loans is that for which the sum that we will have to repay will be lower than what is given to us .

The European Union allocates funds every year to boost the economy of the various countries, including Italy.

To access the funds it is necessary to participate in one of the calls that are opened every year.

So let’s see what are the calls for which you can submit the request for funding, which are the sectors of the economy concerned and what are the necessary requirements to be able to have access to the desired credit.

Among the sectors concerned we find, for example, the agricultural sector. The funding allocated by the European Union takes the name of ICT-AGRI – Farm Management Systems for Precision Farming , and is aimed at young people who are interested in so-called “precision agriculture”.

These non-repayable loans allow you to purchase hardware and software tools that allow you to monitor every factor of our business.

This is just one of the proposals aimed at those who are looking for a loan at optimal conditions. Each region offers its citizens the opportunity to participate in certain calls.

In Tuscany , for example, funds have been allocated for a total of 16 million euro, aimed at young entrepreneurs . As you can imagine, the demand is very high, given the enormous convenience of this product.

For this reason, minimum requirements have been defined, necessary to be able to participate in the tender.

Firstly, all those who have been reported as bad payers are excluded from the possibility of making the request. Obviously the residence will have to be certified in Tuscany .

Finally, one must not be in financial difficulty , be up-to-date with the payment of employee contributions , and no condemnation must be made in the last 10 years .

As for the total eligible cost for the project, this will go from a minimum of 8,000 euros, up to a maximum of 35,000 euros.


How to receive structural funding for young people

There are plenty of open calls for this 2019 . If you are interested in receiving a free grant for young people, what you need to do is visit the website of your region of residence, and see which are active calls.

In addition to those already seen, concerning agriculture and youth entrepreneurship, another sector that very often has access to certain funding, is that of female entrepreneurship .

As we know for women it is very complicated to start a business, even more than men. Precisely for this reason, in the case of non-repayable loans priority is given to this category of customers, in order to favor the development of female entrepreneurship.


If you want to participate in a specific call, the first thing to do is to carefully read the requirements for participation. On the announcement are obviously specified all the characteristics that must possess a project in order to be financed by a non-repayable loan.

If your project has all these requirements, and at the same time you are part of the categories of entrepreneurs to whom the call is addressed, then you can proceed with the presentation of the application , filling out the form that you will always find on the website of your region.

In this first phase, the questions will be analyzed, and if there are no problems related to the documentation we provide, we will move on to the second phase, which is the most important.

It will be in fact here that all the projects that possess the characteristics sought in the announcement will be analyzed in detail, and only the best will receive the desired grant.

So the young person who submitted the request will have to present their project . You will therefore have to draw up a detailed business plan in which you will have to report all the expenses you intend to face to start your business project.

It will be very important to clearly expose your ideas , so as to show an excellent knowledge of the subject , essential to start a business. If our project is valued worthy, also based on the evaluation parameters specified in the call for applications, then we will be able to receive non-repayable funding to cover all the expenses related to the start of our activity.

Each call defines the characteristics of the loan, with the sum of money that we can receive and the percentage of the same that will be lost , and therefore we will not have to return.


Loans for agriculture

As we have already mentioned, one of the sectors most affected by the calls for granting grants is that of agriculture .

We all know the importance of this sector of the economy in a country like Italy that makes the production of agricultural products a fundamental factor and therefore it is good to incentivize to revive the entire economy.

Among the most interesting calls that are active in this 2019 is the Inail call , aimed at all farms. This call for proposals has the main objective of encouraging agricultural companies to carry out projects aimed at improving the levels of health and safety at work , which it is useless to underline that they are of primary importance.

In this sense, it is emphasized that the improvement of the health and safety conditions of workers compared to the conditions prior to participation in the competition must necessarily be documented and verifiable with what is reported in the assessment of business risks.

Thanks to the Inail 2019 call for applications, agricultural businesses will receive a non-repayable loan for the purchase of tractors and agricultural machinery .

This is a decidedly interesting opportunity, considering that we are talking about a loan that will be 50% free , which means a great saving for farmers who will have access to this type of loan.

Only micro and small companies registered in the special section of the Register of Companies or to the Register of Agricultural Cooperative Work Societies may have access to financing.

With regard to eligible expenses, this includes the purchase or rental costs with the purchase agreement of tractors and agricultural or forestry machinery, but also all the technical costs, which include the costs for the preparation of the sworn appraisal.

The amount that can be requested by agricultural companies, which must be documented with the related business plan, ranges from a minimum of 1000 euros up to a maximum of 60,000 euros .

To submit an application it is necessary to visit the Inail website and follow the instructions of the notice itself.


Loans for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

How to receive structural funding for young people

The European funds that allow the granting of non-repayable loans, as repeatedly repeated in this article, aim to boost the economy of all EU countries. To do this it is obviously very important that they turn to companies, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises .

Every year, very interesting calls are published for each of the sectors of the economy, starting with agriculture , passing through industry , but also addressing those who work in the trade and tourism sectors.

In particular, young companies and women’s businesses are the beneficiaries of non-repayable loans for starting up new businesses.

The type of loan is always the same, and is disbursed against the presentation of a detailed business plan whose entries must be those included in the eligible expenses.

For example, the eligible expenses of non-repayable loans for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises include the purchase of machinery, plant, equipment and IT services that are closely linked to the activity that is to be started.

One of the most important calls in this regard is Resto al Sud , which as you can easily guess from the name itself is aimed at all residents in the regions of Southern Italy, which we know unfortunately find it more difficult to start a business project and find often forced to move to Northern Italy or abroad.

By participating in this call for applications, a loan for 100% of eligible expenses can be accessed, of which 35% will be non- repayable while the remaining 65% will be in the form of subsidized loan .

Another very interesting announcement is Smart & Start , aimed at all those interested in starting an innovative start-up. In this case there are no restrictions on the territory in which you intend to start your own business.

By participating in this call for tenders, you can receive up to 80% financing without interest .


Non-repayable loans for professionals thanks to the 2019 European Funds

A category of customers to which the loans are paid for free loans is that of freelancers , which in this sense have access to facilities like micro and small businesses.

The self-employed are in fact considered as individual enterprises, and therefore for this reason they have the right to access the subsidized loans for the development of innovative start-ups .

In this sense, therefore, the same discourses made previously regarding the loans to agricultural companies and all companies operating in other sectors of the economy are valid.

Calls for freelancers are periodically published by the various regions on their websites. In order to apply for non-repayable loans for freelancers, the applicant must have a VAT number , a self-employed person working in single or associated form .

The calls to freelancers are similar for all regions of Italy, with some differences regarding the type of project that can be started with the non-repayable loan disbursed.

Eligible expenses are those related to the start of an innovative start-up in the sector within its competence. The competence of the loan beneficiary will be fundamental to the positive outcome of the request.

Loans of this type will be for 40% non-repayable , and may finance spending projects up to a maximum usually set at around 25,000 euros .

The eligible expenses for non-repayable loans for freelancers will include the purchase of IT tools , both hardware and utility software components closely connected to the activity to be started, as well as the purchase of machinery and more.